Hike of Sunrise Peak

I went to Jeju Island this week, and on Friday I took a solitary hike of one of the main attractions: 성산 일출봉, or Sunrise Peak at Seongsan. Well, the hike wasn’t so solitary. I brought my camera, and many other tourists were there too. Here are the better of the pictures I took, in chronological order. I got off the bus way too early out of an abundance of caution.

Photos Lie

This picture taken on my friend 진희’s phone looks so much more classic than the actual occasion it represents: That’s her, Pastor Choi, our friend Aining visiting from Malaysia, and me out to dinner last Sunday. There are a few aspects to this amusing and unintentional scene: It looks like a classy parlor. It’s actually Mr. Pizza. I’d say Mr. Pizza is the Korean Pizza Hut except they have Pizza Hut here too.